Tabor CR Specialty Saw

Tabor CR Specialty Saw

Tabor 30” Abrasive saw as designed to cut hot stainless bars directly from the oven. Because of distance constraints, standard saws were not capable of cutting material arriving at the saw at 1800 degrees F. This saw has a specially designed cooled head to keep the bearings running continually in a hostile environment. A specially designed hydraulic system was needed to purge and rapidly cool the returning glycol solution.

The saw moves forward across the clamping systems cutting the bars and the head then index’s upwards, returns to start position and automatically lowers to the next cutting height. Wheel wear is monitored by a fiber optic switch and a PLC,that automatically lowers the saw head to compensate for wheel wear.

The saw operates with a 30” abrasive wheel and 150hp motor and has its own integral dust collection system. This saw can be produced with wheel diameters up to 60”


Tabor CR Specialty Saw Specifications

Tabor CR20-A-30-X200-22×26 Double Wheel Option Provision for 2 hydraulic vises

This model includes X200 base with manual left/right table adjustable 12” either side of center. The  in/out stroke on the table is operated hydraulically with flow controls to adjust the in and out speed of the hydraulic table.

The head is equipped with a 2 button control to operate the saw head in the chopping mode. The 2 button control is designed for high production cutting.

Also included is a laser alignment so that the work piece to be cut can be aligned up directly with the cutting wheel. All controls for the in/out stroke of the table and the 2 button power assist is located on a separate pedestal control panel away from the cutting operation.

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