Adjustable Econo-Base (AEB) Module

Adjustable Econo-Base (AEB) Module

Single-table adjustability of 11 inches with a simple-to-operate jack-screw characterizes the Adjustable Econo Base Module. Designed primarily for cutting both large and small size castings, the ⅝ inch thick by 25 inch square steel table provides a large work surface for full support of the work.

The Adjustable Econo Base is ideal for machine shops, job shops and foundries. It can be matched with any Tabor-Brasive head module


Adjustable Econo-Base (AEB) Module Specifications


TablesSize – 25” x 25”
Max. ht. floor to top of table – 40”
Min. ht. floor to top of table – 29”Approx. Overall Machine Ht.16” wheel dia. heads with low trunnion – 73”
20”, 24”, 30” wheel dia. heads with high trunnion – 79”Approx. Floor Space40” wide x 56” deepMax. distance* between table and spindle centerlinewith low trunnion – 28¼”
with high trunnion – 34”Max. space* between new wheel and table16” wheel and low trunnion – 20¼”
20” wheel and high trunnion – 24”
24” wheel and high trunnion – 22”
30” wheel and high trunnion – 19”