No Table (NT) Module

No Table (NT) Module

The No Table Module is a simple pedestal unit, designed for head module support for your own table or conveyor set-up. The unit is complete with a steel plate on the front for mounting your workpiece support mechanism if desired.

As above, the No Table Module can be matched with any Tabor-Brasive head module.


No Table (NT) Module Specifications
Tables Size – N/A
Floor to top of pedestal – 37”
Approx. Overall Machine Ht. 16” wheel dia. heads with low trunnion – 72”
20”, 24”, 30” wheel dia. heads with high trunnion – 78”
Approx. Floor Space 36” wide x 42” deep
Max. distance* between table and spindle centerline N/A
Max. space* between new wheel and table N/A