Power-more horsepower for resawing and contouring. Cuts the big jobs down to size.

Speed-only a heavy duty, finely crafted saw can run at these high speeds. You will see the difference in ease of cutting.

Heavy duty tension-allows you to tension larger blades for faster and more accurate resawing. Blade deflection is no longer a concern.


HB-500 Specifications
Throat Capacity 19″
Resawing capacity 13 5/8″
Horsepower 3hp, 1ph, 220V

5hp, 1ph, 220V

5hp, 3ph 220/440V
Blade speed 4750 SFM
Wheel diameter 19.7″
Blade width 3/16 – 1 1/2″
Table size 20 1/2 x 26 3/4
Table Tilt 45° right
Table height 36″
Overall height 77 1/4″
Machine base 15″ x 30″
Net weight 500 lb
Blade length 165″