The Mill Plate Saws can increase productivity and reduce costs in cutting tool steel, alloys and other non-ferrous materials. The unique construction of these band mills allow blade tensions to 35,000 psi for precise, vibration-free cutting. Available models feature completely automated, programmable sawing and DC indexing systems, the allow for unattended operation. Labor savings and accuracy are key to a fast payback.

Coupling Tannewitz quality with the latest sawing technology results in precise, accurate and repeatable cutting with minimal kerf loss.

In addition to these standard models, Tannewitz has built hundreds of special designs to meet specific customer requirements. Contact our Engineering Department concerning your particular application


3000MH8 Specifications


Cutting Capacity Blade Blade Guide System Blade Drive System Blade Wheel Mechanism
Throat – 30″ Width – Std – 1 1/2″ and 2″ Movable Guide Arm – Hydraulic Motor – will advise Diameter – 30″
Length – 13′ (156″) Tensioning – Hydraulic – 35,000 PSI Design – Side – Carbide Blade speed range – 55 to 5000 SFPM Thickness -1″ solid steel
Material Width – 60″ Blade break shutoff – Std                 back up – Bearing Axles – 2″ diameter
Material Height – 12″ Chip Brush – Std – blade powered Idle wheel bearing box – Cast Iron
hand scrapped
Coolant System Hydraulic System     
Coolant – Acculube to include coolant reservoir pan Hydraulic Motor – 5hp, 15gmp  
Tank Capacity – 30 gal  
Stock Feed:
Type Ball screw – stepper motor
Max Single Shuttle length 30″
Cut off width Programmable – Std
# of pieces cut Programmable – Std
Multiple job Programmable – Std
Index clamps 3 Standard
Hold down bridge clamps 6 Standard
Weight capacity 12,000 lbs
Jog control Standard
Remnant length 2″
Machine Design
Style Moving head
Floor space requirements 244″L x 161″W x 93″H
Machine weight 14,000 lbs (approximately)