The Tannewitz Production Series Multi-Purpose bandsaws, with 5 basic model choices, allows you to select the right saw to match your application and budget. From the economical single-speed through variable speed models. the Production Series fabricated metal frames allow for large throat capacities up to 52 inches. By incorporating the optional 3 wheel design, larger throat capacities (up to 120 inches) can be met.

The versatility of the Production Series Multi-Purpose make this bandsaw ideal for any work environment.


SV1NE Specifications


Size, wheel diameter                                                                                          52″

Under guide capacity                                                                                         17”

Throat capacity                                                                                                   51″

Base Construction                                                                                               Welded Steel

Motor Drive                                                                                                          Belt Drive

Tires (Replaceable)                                                                                             Speedi-change

Band width capacity                                                                                           Up to 1 1/4″

Band speed                                                                                                           2200 – 14,000 SFPM – approx.

Band length                                                                                                          27′ 3″

Upper wheel adjustment                                                                                   5″

Wheel type                                                                                                           Heavy duty balanced steel disc

Brakes                                                                                                                   Electric, 2 wheel

Gear adjusted guide post                                                                                    Standard

Blade Tension Control                                                                                       Hydraulic

Table height                                                                                                          42″

Overall height                                                                                                       116″

Work Light                                                                                                           Standard

Guides                                                                                                                  R472F high speed roller guides

Motor – Horsepower (TEFC)                                                                             20 HP variable

Operator & Maintenance manual                                                                     2

Paint Color                                                                                                            Beigetone

Net Weight                                                                                                            5100 lb.

Crated Weight                                                                                                      5450 lb.