The Tannewitz production series Multi-Purpose Bandsaws, with 5 basic model choices, allows you to select the right saw to match your application and budget. From the economical single speed through variable speed models, the Production Series fabricated metal frames allow for large throat capacities up to 52 inches. By incorporating the optional 3 wheel design, larger throat capacities (up to 120 inches) can be met.

The versatility of the Production Series Multi-Purpose make the bandsaws ideal for any work environment.



G1NE Specifications
Throat Capacity 35 1/2″
Work Thickness 20″
Wheel Diameter 36″
Horsepower 5, 7 1/2, 10, 15
Blade Speed Single speed 1000 to 15,000
Table Size (Main) 36″-37″
Table Size (Aux) 16″-19″
Table Tilt 45″R, 5″ L
Table Height 41″
Blade Width up to 2″
Blade Length 20’4″
Machine Dimensions (Height) 105″
Net Weight 3,200 lbs