These all purpose bandsaws are designed and built to answer the variety of cutting problems being encounter by today’s diversified products. The speed ranges of 55-11,000 RPM or 75-15,000FPM are the keys to this saw’s exceptional productivity and versatility. Precision engineering and expert craftsmanship result in the ultimate in all purpose sawing.

Contour sawing, straight cutting, friction sawing, band machining with diamond blades and tungsten carbide blades are possible with the Vari-Band Mill.

By combining the number of sawing operations on one machine, higher prodoductivity, greater worker efficiency and less idle machine time are realized.

Let the sawing experts at Tannewitz solve your cutting problems with a Vari-Band Mill designed to give you outstanding performance with its solid quality and dependable operation.


RVTNE Specifications
Throat Capacity 41 1/2″
Work Thickness 20″
Wheel Diameter 42″
Band Width Capacity 1/8″ to 1 1/4″
Band Length 20’11”
Guide Post Size 1 1/4 x 2 1/4
Table Size (Main) 36″-37″
Table Size (Aux) 18″-22″
Table Tilt 45″R, 5″ L
Table Height 42″
Table Height (Hydraulic) 44 1/2″
Upper Wheel Adj 5″
Brakes (two wheel) Auto Electric
Wheel Type Balanced Steel Disc
Tires Speedi-Change
Type of Drive Reeves inf. variable
Horsepower (std., opt.) 10 std., 15 or 20 opt.
Transmission Heavy duty 3 speed, helical gear
Inf Varib band speed (FPM) 55-11,000 std., 75-15,000 opt.
Machine Height 110″
Net Weight 4300 lbs