36 MH70

36 MH70

  • 2 dust chutes – 1 in each wheel shroud
  • Heavy duty bearing boxes
  • Auto and manual cutting cycle
  • “Z” axis fully programmable/indexable with Allen Bradley PLC & screen
  • Saw head will move up and down 34” with +/- .002 repeatability
  • Head tilt adjustment, ball screw servo driven and programmable saw tilt 0-30 degree to compliment the +/- .002” precision of the Z axes, linear transducer w/digital readout
  • Hydraulic saw feed: Fully adjustable 0 to10 FPM

Other Features:

  • Rapid head return to start position
  • Blade speed readout in SFPM
  • Traverse rate in linear inches per minute
  • Amp meter
  • Feed flow control and pressure gauges PSI
  • Blade to travel all the way to table top
  • Sequence of operation:

Saw head will be in the home position, honeycomb will be loaded on the table against the two fixed fences and the moveable fence will be moved to secure the part. The operator will adjust the head to the desired degree of cut. The number of cuts and the thickness of cut will be programmed into the PLC and the saw will begin the cutting cycle. At the end of the first cut the saw will stop allowing the operator to remove the top piece and start the next cut cycle (saw will return to the home position, adjust the elevation to the next programmed thickness and perform the cut). The sequence will repeat until the numbers of cuts entered have been satisfied.


36 MH70 Specifications
Horizontal automated traveling head honeycomb saw Max capacity between guides Approx. 70” to cover 60” wide table at 30 deg. tilt. Two movable guides, post assemblies
Table height 36″
Thickness capacity 33” (blade to column) at 0 deg. tilt
Table width: 60″
Table length: 125”
Saw travel Length:140″, Height 36″ (exact height TBD when concept drawing is complete)
Blade 1″ max
Blade Tension Hydraulic with automatic blade-break shut-off
Guides Roller Guides or Tannewitz guides
Blade Drives 15hp, variable speed, 3000-5000 SFPM
Wheels 36” diameter super rigid wheels, Speedi change crowned rubber tires