Overall dimensions:  Width 59″, Depth 67″, Height 56″
Table:  16″ x 46″ plus 4 ¾” x 7 ¼” projections beyond disc.
Elevates to 1″ below center and lowers to clear disc for
removal, by use of an extra heavy duty worm gear and rack drive.
Tilts 30 degrees up and 45 degrees down on ball bearing mounted
worm gear drive. Table stop 90 degrees, positive and adjustable.
Disc: 36″ dia. Cast Aluminum, completely machined, electronically
balanced, ¾” thick at rim, 1″ thick at hub, centered by 10″ flange
to which it is attached by 4 studs. No holes in face of discs.


36-DD Specifications

 Hubs:10″ dia. Cast IronDrive:Multiple V-belt. Main spindle runs on heavy duty, sealed,
self aligning tapered roller bearings.Operating speed: 800 RPM or other specified speeds.Base and Cap:Heavy ribbed Cast Iron, Base: 32″ wide by 34″ deep.
Bolt centers 28 ½” x 30 ½”Motor: 5, 7 ½ or 10 HP, 3 phaseStarter:Mmagnetic or reversing


See it in action: