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Tannewitz 36MH70

Tannewitz introduces the model 36MH70 horizontal automated traveling head honeycomb bandsaw.

The saw is capable of cutting all types of honeycomb material 60” wide up to 33” thick with a saw head travel of 140”

Features include fully programmable indexable PLC, saw head vertical travel of 34” with +/- .002 repeatability, head tilt adjustment of 0-30 degrees, hydraulic blade tension, 15hp variable speed drive motor with blade speeds of 4,000-8,000 SFPM.

The traveling head is also variable speed with cutting rates of 10-40 linear inches per minute holding a tolerance of +/- .003

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Tabor CR20-A-30-X200-22×26 Double Wheel Option Provision for 2 Hydraulic Vises

This model includes X200 base with manual left/right table adjustable 12” either side of center. The  in/out stroke on the table is operated hydraulically with flow controls to adjust the in and out speed of the hydraulic table.

The head is equipped with a 2 button control to operate the saw head in the chopping mode. The 2 button control is designed for high production cutting.

Also included is a laser alignment so that the work piece to be cut can be aligned up directly with the cutting wheel. All controls for the in/out stroke of the table and the 2 button power assist is located on a separate pedestal control panel away from the cutting operation.

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